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Do you want to be famous?

If you asked me this question a couple of years ago, heck, even a few months ago, I’d have given you an odd look. A core introvert and always on a quiet side, even though I’ve done some craziest things in my life to remember, I’ve never ever craved popularity. Not at school, not at the Uni. Any crowd exposure would give me chills down the spine, and not in a nice way. Still does!

Even today, I have an anxiety and an urge to hide and run away when I need to post something on a social media. It literally takes me an effort every time I do it, and a mini-victory over my nature. And yes, writing it all here in a blog post relates to that too.

So? Do I want to be famous? After a lot of re-thinking and learning from the artists who have been through it, too, as well as those who enjoy their fame and popularity, I had to come to a conclusion that art NEEDS exposure. In order to evolve, to develop into something special, art needs eyes and appreciation. And perhaps, critique.

What’s the point of me creating if it can’t be seen? Let’s face it. How does the art find a viewer, let alone the the right viewer and an appreciator, if I just stay still in a hope that someone finds it somehow? Especially in this loud and overpopulated world of social media where jumping the right bandwagon at the right time has become an art in itself and can define one’s success if not talent. So, along with the learning and trying new ways, new techniques and gaining more skills in painting, I have to learn to showcase it.

Even a negative feedback, or no feedback at all is a result which allows me to understand and look at what I do from another perspective. And here, of course,  I have to find a right balance between my vision and “what sells to a wider crowd” because otherwise I’d be painting the single monstera leaves or whatever sells nowadays in prints in huge quantities…

What’s the point of me spending vast sums on the best materials if not to make my paintings look and feel desired, exclusive and exquisite for those who want to have them?

So, here is a dilemma. On one hand, I as a person, do not want popularity, and I am really fine in my little cozy world where I can be myself. On the other, I need exposure for my art’s sake. So I have to learn this social media game, overcome my fears and just go for it.

Ultimately though, to be completely clear, I do not do it for my ego, for my own fame. I do it all for the viewer. I do it all for you.

And yes. One day I may become famous :)

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P.S. As I am writing this, I got an e-mail from the Artists & Illustrators Magazine that says that one of my recent paintings submitted for a competition got featured again in the Editor’s pick for the winter edition. Hey ho! I am getting famous ;)

Christmas Fair. The work that got an Editor’s pick in Artists and Illustrators mag.

Christmas Fair. The work that got an Editor’s pick in Artists and Illustrators mag.